How to use opendiff to compare two text files:
In CRAX you can configure OPENDIFF as a custom tool to use it to compare two text files. This page help you to make proper configuration.
In order to define OPENDIFF as a custom tool with keyboard shortcut you should do steps described bellow.
1. Go to the Preferences Window and select Tools tab.
opendiff screen 1
2. Click button marked green on the screen above. This is ADD TOOL DEFINTITION button.
3. Enter the tool definition name: open_diff (marked red on the screen above)
4. Enter the tool path: /usr/bin/opendiff (marked blue on the screen above).
5. Next you should define the tool definition shortcut. Click RECORD SHORTCUT button (marked yellow on the screen above) and then press simultaneously the CONTROL and D.
6. Next click two times ADD PARAMETER BUTTON (marked violet on screen above) and select values as on screen above.
When you perform operations described in steps above you should have option in main menu under 'Tools' named 'open_diff'. When you want to compare two files select one file in left files panel and the second one in the right files panel and than press CTRL+D. After this opendiff window should appear with the result of comparison. Look at screen below.
opendiff screen 2