Release Notes

WHAT'S NEW IN 1.14.4
  • updated synchronisation of files metadata
  • fixed handling modification of remote files opened by the local applications
  • fixed updating file info panel data when quick look panel is visible
  • added French translation
  • fixed stability of application
  • fixed other minor issues
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.14.3
  • fixed issue related to handling file system events
  • fixed problem with updeting remote files after modifications
  • fixed other small issues
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.14.2
  • fixed the issue related to opening the selected folder in a new tab
  • added a context menu item for files allowing for sharing them
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.14.1
  • fix files action handling issue
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.14.0
  • improve stability of application
  • fix browsing of bonjour services
  • remove support for macOS 10.13 and 10.14
  • fix other small issues
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.13.14
  • fixed compatibility with macOS 14 Sonoma
  • fixed file notification event handling
  • fixed quick-look navigation crash
  • improved up/down navigation in the file table with the quick-look window active
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.13.13
  • fixed file system events handling
  • fixed file information caching
  • fixed file overwrite confirmation dialog when copying
  • fixed other issues
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.13.12
  • fix issues
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.13.11
  • added deselecting files after operation
  • improved handling of the overwrite older option when copying folders with the merge flag
  • improved handling of file change events
  • fixed opening of archive files after double clicking
  • fixed adding and deleting files to/from ZIP archives
  • resolved a problem with the availability of actions for read-only archives
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.13.10
  • fix deadlock when listing of archives content
  • fix handling of files changes notification events
  • update ssh library
  • update archive handling library
  • fix other small issues
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.13.9
  • fix issues repoerted by users
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.13.8
  • fix showing localized folder names issue
  • fix other small issues
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.13.7
  • added option to show localized file names
  • performance and stability improvements
  • other minor fixes
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.13.6
  • fix issues reported by users
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.13.5
  • fix showing locked tab icon
  • update FinderLike tab style
  • fix changing name of items in not permitted folders
  • fix editing html files in built-in editor
  • fix synchronisation of remote files after editing
  • fix FTP connection handling
  • update FTP transcript window
  • fix showing of custom favourite remote items
  • fix performance problem for SMB connection
  • fix adding archive files content to favourites
  • fix refreshing of moved tab in the application tabbar
  • fix other small issues
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.13.4
  • add Finder Like tab style
  • update showing locked tab info and update toolbar button images
  • fix running applications using double click in files table
  • add ability to change the owner and group for files
  • add context menu to the network sidebar items
  • fix showing outline for sidebar item when it is right clicked for showing context menu
  • fix reporting progress for multi-files operation
  • fix enabling / disabling action buttons on switching active files panel
  • fix position of reject volume badge on sidebar
  • add iCloud group to the sidebar
  • fix go up on double click when the wrapped item is application
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.13.3
  • fix adding custom shortcuts and favourites to sidebar
  • fix setting hidden flag for SFTP files
  • fix resolving finder tags
  • fix application configuration loading error
  • fix calculation of total file/folder size when selecting files/folders with Shift Home/End keys
  • fix moving current panel context to the hot-dir path when hot-dir path is remote path
  • remove support for SVN 1.9
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.13.2
  • improve performance
  • fix 'Save All' action in built-in editor
  • fix stability issues reported by users
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.13.1
  • improve performance of loading content of folders with high number of files
  • fix showing progress on the dock icon
  • fix other small issues
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.13.0
  • make performance improvement
  • fix and reenable ADMIN mode
  • add native support for Apple Silicon architecture
  • add support for Subversion 1.14
  • add support for changing application language
  • fix opening ms office files from the sidebar
  • fix loading images used as icons for media files
  • fix russian translation
  • upgrade external libraries used by application
  • fix other small issues
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.12.11
  • fix showing / hiding tabbar panel
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.12.10
  • fix tabbar issue
  • fix small issues reported by users
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.12.9
  • performance improvement of formatting data in the files table
  • improvement of stability of SSH / SFTP operations
  • remove support for macOS 10.9
  • fix small issues reported by users
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.12.8
  • update the visual aspects of the application to the macOS BigSur
  • fix small issues reported by users
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.12.7
  • update loading files to the panels
  • add keep alive feature to the SSH connection
  • add [c] and [S] option in the multi rename function
  • update folder size calculation
  • fix other small issues reported by users
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.12.6
  • fix of issues
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.12.5
  • add notarization of app
  • stop support for macOS 10.7 and 10.8
  • fix of issues
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.12.4
  • add back / forward navigation support using trackpad and mouse navigation buttons
  • fix of issue overwriting content of folder when copying with merging option
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.12.3
  • change default tabs style
  • fix problem with freezing app when opening empty FTP remote file for edit
  • fix performance of synchronization changes when editing remote file
  • fix problem with showing and hiding synchronization info dialog
  • fix other small problems
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.12.2
  • fix extension based coloring of files
  • fix always disabled "Go to folder" menu item
  • fix loading state of selected remote tab on the start of application
  • fix problem with activation of quick search when pressed CTRL+letter key
  • fix problem with copying FTP files using drag & drop
  • fix problem with copying binary files from and to FTP
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.12.1
  • update SFTP library
  • add support for Catalina
  • update volume free size component
  • update bonjour services resolving
  • fix closing synchronization info dialog when saving remote file content
  • fix issues related to SFTP connection
  • fix code 450 error for FTP connection
  • fix mounting volumes issues
  • fix other small issues
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.12.0
  • make performance improvement
  • add option to enable/disable copy of permissions
  • add support for multiple color labels
  • update columns defautl settings
  • update swapping panels
  • fix mounting / unmounting volumes issues
  • fix flat files structure resolving issues
  • fix displaying of icons in files table
  • fix sorting data in files table
  • fix compatibility with macOS 10.9
  • fix localisation issues
  • fix other small issues
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.11.9
  • fix issues
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.11.8
  • add new multirename tool options: P, G, A and d
  • add finder tags filter to the sidebar and add support for handling metadata query results
  • fixed some issues with services
  • add support for spotlight saved searches and update dark mode view
  • add navigation buttons to touchbar
  • update page keys navigation in the files table
  • add support for updating selection on pageUp/pageDown/Home/End when the SHIFT key is hold
  • update actions on the search dialog for results after searching in archives
  • modification of ENTER key handling on the quick search panel
  • add ENTER key handling on result table in the search window
  • fixed other small issues
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.11.7
  • add support for the diacritic chars in quick search dialog
  • updated umlauts processing for archives
  • updated calculation of free / available size for volumes
  • fixed favs config columns resizing
  • fixed issue with overwrite dialog when adding file to ZIP
  • fixed changing file names problem
  • fixed other issues
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.11.6
  • updated 3rd party libraries
  • fixed issues
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.11.5
  • added file size calculation option in preferences
  • added configuration of width for maiin splitbar in preferences
  • added option in preferences for sorting dirs by name independent on the sorting of files
  • added 'Run As' options to the tools definition
  • added configuration for presentation of Finder color tags
  • updated integration with Dropbox API v2
  • libSSH2 updated to the version 1.8.0
  • removed support for SUBVERSION 1.6 and 1.7
  • fixed closing progress dialog in macOS 10.7
  • fixed displaying file size in the files panels
  • fixed other small issues
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.11.4
  • fixed issue with text on tabs
  • fixed issue with removing items to trash for WebDAV
  • added support for secure WebDAV connections
  • updated showing of the Finder color tag (showing as a small colored circle at the right end of the filename)
  • fixed issue with connection of two different SMB shares from NAS device
  • fixed aligning of stripes in files table
  • fixed lazy loading of data in files table
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.11.3
  • fixed problems with setting CRAX as default file browser
  • fixed subversion update crash
  • fixed other small issues reported by users
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.11.2
  • added setting CRAX as the default file browser (only for Non-AppStore version)
  • added new tab styles
  • added support for touchbar
  • added separation of colors definition for light and dark mode
  • fixed colors for the Mojave dark mode
  • fixed splitting and combaining files
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.11.1
  • added preferences option 'Always run CRAX in admin mode' (only for Non-AppStore version)
  • added preferences option 'Add opened in CRAX documents to recents list'
  • fixed synchronization info dialog on saving remote edited file
  • fixed showing local drives
  • fixed problem with renaming files with difference in the upper / lower case
  • fixed default copy on background
  • fixed other issues
  • resolved UI issues
  • fixed issues reported by users
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.10.16
  • command line panel added
  • optimization of merging local file and folders
  • implemented GIT ADD function
  • enabled manual setting of port number in connection properties
  • fixed problem with merging function
  • fixed issue with folders in archives
  • fixed other issues
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.10.15
  • fixed issues
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.10.14
  • added implementation of WebDAV
  • fixed issues
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.10.13
  • added integration with Dropbox API v2
  • added experimental support for GIT
  • fixed issues
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.10.12
  • subversion plugins loading fixed
  • other minor issues fixed
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.10.11
  • added support for SUBVERSION 1.8 and 1.9
  • libSSH2 updated to the version 1.7.0
  • added tilde handling in path for 'Go to Folder ...' action
  • fixed changing forlders order in the sidebar using Drag&Drop
  • fixed unexpected moving file panels divider after restoring main window settings
  • fixed issues with connection dialog and creation folder dialog on macOS 10.7
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.10.10
  • fixed problem with viewing content of SFTP file which is selected in the SearchDialog
  • fixed problem with FeedToListbox feature for SFTP files
  • fixed problem with files permissions for AppStore version (after clicking on the folder application is not doing anything, no error is displayed)
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.10.9
  • added showing context menu for the drive toolbar buttons on the right mouse click
  • added drag & drop operations handling for archives
  • drag & drop operations handling improved
  • fixed allowing to copy a folder into itself
  • fixed dragging files to the e-mail app
  • fixed problem with restoring the size vertical size of the main window
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.10.8
  • the Hotlist menu items: 'Remove current folder' and 'Add current folder' have been moved down in the list
  • added selection the first Hotlist entry when this list is bring to the front
  • added context menu to the drive toolbar buttons (long click menu)
  • added history context menu to the navigation buttons (long click menu)
  • fixed 'Show file operations ...' function
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.10.7
  • added possibility to define separately custom editor and viewer based on extension
  • fixed issues based on the crash reports
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.10.6
  • added revision selection on the SVN CHECKOUT dialog
  • added revision selection on the SVN UPDATE dialog
  • added option to set modification date on SVN UPDATE/CHECKOUT to the last commit time
  • fixed problems with validation of data on the connection definition dialog
  • fixed opening the searching dialog
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.10.5
  • added SVN SHOW LOGS action
  • added SVN LOCK and SVN UNLOCK
  • ESC when file search is running stops searching instead of window closing
  • added editable (FS version) Finder Comment panel on the InfoPanel
  • added showing more file info (metadata) on the InfoPanel
  • added export / import settings to / from Dropbox
  • added support for mounting Dropbox account as a drive
  • added tab style configuration
  • added option for regular expresion searching by content on the Search Dialog
  • fixed 'Not containing text' option on the Search Dialog
  • fixed selection handling after file search process has completed
  • fixed copy operation with flag 'overwrite older'
  • fixed issue with checkout repo in SVN 1.7
  • implementation of SVN 1.7 hack to deal with composed/decomposed unicode handling on Mac OS X
  • fixed issue with filename character encoding for ZIP archives
  • fixed deactivation action
  • fixed problem with FTP connection handling
  • fixed problem with counter on the multi-rename dialog
  • fixed problem with importing app's settings on the OS when the stored font doesn't exist
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.10.4
  • added Dropbox integration
  • fixed problem with copying folders from FTP host
  • fixed showing dialog 'Synchronizing changes with remote file ...'
  • fixed selection of edited remote file after operation
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.10.3
  • libSSH2 updated to the 1.6.0
  • fixed closing of SFTP resources
  • fixed problem 'QUOT string not accepted: FEAT' for FTP connection
  • fixed problem 'afpAccessDenied. Insufficient access privileges for operation .' for SMB connection
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.10.2
  • added sorting data in table on the Multirename dialog (data is sorted by path and old name)
  • fixed problem with 0 in date-time component when definining the new name on the Multirename dialog
  • fixed problem with SSH connection definition when remote path is set to empty string
  • other minor problems fixed
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.10.1
  • added searching duplicates by content
  • checksums calculation and verification process optimization
  • added protection to situation when both target and source of copy operation are the same files
  • changed algorithm to resolve the new name for overwrite-rename option
  • make selection by file extension to be case insensitive
  • fixed searching process - memory usage optimization
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.10.0
  • added Czech translation - THANKS TO PETER REZNICEK
  • added remembering of 'merge folders' setting
  • added file's size info on the overwrite dialog
  • added support for drag'n'drop attachemnts from MS Outlook
  • added timeout setting for SFTP connection
  • fixed first responder selection on File Operation Confirmation dialog
  • fixed lazy loading data in files table
  • fixed problem with SHIFT+CMD key modifiers in shortcut definition
  • fixed problem with restoration of full-screen mode for main window after application restart
  • other minor fixes
  • added configuration option to set showing brackets around folders' names
  • added showing overwrite dialog when performing file operation in background
  • added hiding up-folder (..) when data in files table is filtered
  • fixed problem with logging to SSH host
  • fixed showing custom tool on the toolbar after restart of app
  • fixed status handling for SVN 1.7
  • fixed memory management
  • added support for definition of searching exclusions
  • added showing info about image resolution into the QLpanel
  • added showing multirename tool when there are multiple files selected
  • added showing brief file info (size, date/time modified, permissions) to the file panel statusbar
  • added quick search option 'Letters - search dialog'
  • added search result summary to the statusbar in the search dialog
  • added support for changing modification date for selected files
  • fixed problem with assigning SPACEBAR as shortcut for QuickLook
  • fixed: when search panel is active user could still navigate filtered files in the panel
  • fixed problem with unexpected impact of changing selection on file manipulation (copy/move)
  • fixed keyboard focus navigation on the multirename panel
  • fixed problem with navigation blocking for folder which is DnD destination
  • added German translation - THANKS TO ANDREAS SCHNEIDER
  • added support for changing permissions for all selected files (currently app operates only on highlighted file)
  • fixed crashes in searching for files
  • fixed problem with unnecessary locking on files table (Performance Improvement)
  • fixed refreshing parent folder after creating new file/folder
  • fixed problem with deadlock on cancelling download operation for FTP
  • added option for searcching files in case-sensitive manner
  • fixed showing progress of background operations
  • fixed handling of SMB files (crash when connecting to SMB)
  • fixed crash on OSX 10.7
  • added feature to show only selected files in files table
  • added IconView mode
  • improved data lazy loading to the list of files
  • fixed issue with crash when opening app with tab connected to the non-existent (removed) archive
  • fixed problem with renaming files on the USB drive
  • fixed sorting network connections on sidebar (changed sorting to case-insenstive)
  • fixed problem with connection data modification dialog
  • added support for Subversion 1.7
  • added SVN checkout function
  • fixed highlighting after file name modification
  • fixed handling of execution of external editor associated with some extension
  • fixed problem 'removeAllCachedResourceValues - unrecognized selector' on 10.7
  • added merging folders feature for files operations
  • added functionality into 'openTerminal' feature to setup SSH session when terminal action is performed on panel connected to a remote server using SSH [ONLY IN NON-APPSTORE VERSION]
  • added possibility to view selected file on search dialog
  • added option 'Use inverted selection' into Color Preferences. This option defines how the selected files are marked in table. When this option is checked selected row is marked as solid bar with color defined as 'MARK COLOR'.
  • added 'Hide title and move the toolbar up' option into Display Preferences. Using this option it's possible to show / hide application's titlebar in the OSX Yosemite
  • added function to recalculate sizes of ALL folders in active files panel (SHIFT+ALT+ENTER)
  • added support for FTPS connections
  • added function to compare contents of directiories displayed in both panels
  • added support for decompression of RPM archive files
  • added support for compression and decompression of ISO9660 archive files
  • added Quick Search customisation options into General Preferences
  • improved selection by typing letters in files table (quick search feature improved)
  • added retrieving seconds in modification date for FTP data when it is possible
  • fixed dates formats in info panel
  • fixed copying files from a rar-archiv to NAS (eliminate showing permission error dialog)
  • small issues fixed
  • changed type of copy/move confirmation dialog from sheet to the modal window (speed-up showing dialog)
  • removed clearing selection on finish of files operation
  • improved refreshing of the files table after receiving the FS change event
  • fixed crash on coloring files in table
  • fixed showing previous selection on click action on non-fucused table
  • added Russian language translation
  • added sharing action toolbar item
  • fixed problem with saving changes afer editing FTP remote file
  • fixed encoding detection in compare by content dialog
  • fixed coloring of attribute dependent files
  • fixed issue with file names encoding in archives
  • fixed app crash on handling info about bonjour services
  • added showing FTP transcript
  • added using new string encoding API to detect file content encoding
  • short permissions display format fixed (only numbers)
  • update GUI to fit better with OSX Yosemite
  • fixed problem with copying files to the root of remote location using Drag & Drop
  • fixed problem 'dirNFErr. Directory not found' when deleting network files
  • speed-up scrolling through the list in files table
  • fixed animation on switching between single and dual panel view
  • added possibility to change the scale of displayed file/folder sizes - bytes / kB / MB / GB
  • added possibility to define FAVS entry for remote locations
  • added possibility to compress archives from remote site to the local location
  • added possibility to uncompress archives from local site to the remote location
  • fixed handling of overwrite options on uncompress more than one archive
  • fixed showing of progress for uncompress operation
  • fixed problem with sorting packages when are switch off options 'Treat packages as folders' and 'Group packages' (treat packages as files)
  • added 'Unmount ...' option to the drive list pop-up
  • added network connections to the drive list pop-up
  • enabled drop operation on '..' (folder up) files table entry
  • added async operation progress indicator on App's dock icon
  • added preference option to enable/disable show-hide panels animation
  • added setting to perform all local files delete operations using trash
  • when 'Near Current' option is selected new TAB is added on the right of current one
  • added changing App's dock icon in ADMIN MODE (only Non-MAS version)
  • fixed opening and saving documents in ADMIN MODE (only Non-MAS version)
  • fixed issue with incorrect data on overwrite dialog
  • fixed issue with changing label of locked TAB when selecting favs entry from drop-down list
  • fixed deleting files on move operation
  • fixed problem with refreshing files table when other app made changes with these files
  • fixed crash when starting app on 10.7
  • fixed issue with browsing folder structure for SFTP connection
  • added configuration for FAVS items which enables to configure the order and custom label
  • optimization of memory management
  • added synchronization of table preferences between file panels (synchronization of width, order, visibility and sorting)
  • added information about deleted files in confirmation dialog
  • added option in preferences to enable/disable SVN feature
  • added configuration of files coloring based on file's attributes
  • added configuration for association external editor with given extenssions
  • fixed problem with escaping special characters for FTP connections
  • fixed copy/move files crash on 10.7
  • fixed sandboxing data saving/restoring
  • fixed saving edited content for remote files when external editor is used by app
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.6.10
  • added main menu items and shortcuts for relevant locations (home, apps, library etc.)
  • added shortcuts for actions on overwrite dialog
  • added possibility to edit current local path (shortcut: CMD+ALT+L)
  • added main menu items for copying file paths and names to clipboard (it could be defined shortcuts for these actions)
  • added option to switch off animation on opening new tab
  • added new open tab placement option (Near Current)
  • added filtering options to the filter field (RegExp, contain, start with, end with, match)
  • added handling of recents in filter field
  • fixed problem with icons when browsing archives
  • fixed saving / retrieving passwords from keychain
  • fixed Cyrillic encoding handling in ZIP and RAR archives
  • fixed handling of encoding of file names for FTP client
  • fixed deleting and renaming items in SerachResult list
  • performance improvements
  • added marking of affected rows on data table in multi-rename tool
  • added progress bar for multi-rename operation
  • changed processing of items for multi-rename operation (process renaming on thread, don’t close window after operation)
  • fixed hadling of ESC and ENTER key in Filter field (ESC clear filter and focus files list, ENTER focus files list)
  • fixed problems with checking existence of files
  • fixed problems with decompressing files
  • fixed deadlock on editing remote files
  • fixed problem with lack of changing modification date after editing file via SFTP
  • small bugs fixed
  • added shortcut for 'Open File With ...' operation (CTRL+O)
  • added performance improvement in loading data to the file panels (implementation of loading data on threads)
  • added sorting drive list menu entries
  • added option in main menu to show panel with currently processed operations on files in background (CMD+ALT+P)
  • added displaying filter panel when filter field is not visible on toolbar or toolbar is not visible
  • added keyboard shortcut for enter to File Filter View (CMD+S)
  • take search value from file search / “find text” in Internal File Viewer (like in TC)
  • fixed problem: background operation does not work when set by preference
  • fixed SFTP file operation processing
  • added displaying progress when duplicating files list item
  • added support for compression and decompression of TAR, GZIP, BZIP2, AR archive files
  • fixed problem with copying files to ZIP
  • fixed problem with changing extensions in folders in Multi-rename tool (folders have not extensions)
  • fixed extension handling for FTP folders (folders have not extension)
  • fixed problem with changing file extension using inplace editor on files table
  • fixed problem with reseting locked context for softlock when selecting locked tab
  • fixed problem with blocking app after renaming multiple files (fixed multi-rename tool)
  • added showing content of active panel in oposite panel in case CMD + LEFT/RIGHT action is invoked on the file panel's item
  • added shortcuts for actions 'Feed to listbox' (CMD + ENTER) and 'Go to file' (SHIFT + CMD + ENTER) on the Search Window
  • added ability to set font color for folders another than font color for files
  • added 'Row height margin' preference in Display section
  • fixed problem with sorting by Name column in files panel
  • fixed problem with recalculating folder size
  • fixed problem with searching of files by some phrase in content
  • fixed problem with refreshing files panel when currently opened folder is deleted
  • added 'Empty Trash' main menu item [THIS IS ONLY IN FastSpring VERSION]
  • added shortcut to go inside folder / package (RIGHT ARROW) and the new shortcut to go folder up (LEFT ARROW)
  • added Compress and Uncompress buttons to the main toolbar
  • added locking tab option 'Locked, but dir changes allowed'
  • added 'Show/hide hidden files' button to the main toolbar
  • added compress and uncompress buttons to the action bar
  • added context menu option to copy file's name to clipboard
  • changed displaying entries in Favs menu (name is presented instead of path and entries are sorted ascending)
  • added hiding of QuickView Dialog if it is displayed and the shortcut key is pressed again
  • added handling of ENTER key on Search Dialog when searching is in progress (ENTER stops search process)
  • fixed encoding handling in Editor Window
  • fixed selection highlighting style on the result table on Search Dialog
  • fixed handling of locked tabs (open new tab when opening folder on the locked tab)
  • fixed export file format for CRC32 checksum (SFV export file fixed)
  • fixed problem with replacing in the column Name all occurrences of a substring equal to the extension
  • added handling of CMD+S (Save Document) and SHIFT+SMD+S (Save Document As) shortcuts on editor window
  • added ability to set floating flag to main window
  • added file operations queueing support
  • added calculation and verification of CRC32 checksums
  • added ability to display quick-view in main window in place of opposite panel
  • fixed issue with closing QuickView panel when opened by using ESC key
  • fixed issue with navigation to the path when clicked on pathbar when some of path component was deleted
  • fixed selection handling using SPACE - this selection doesn't navigate to the next row
  • fixed problem with assigning SPACE key as shortcut for the QuickView display action
  • fixed multi-rename tool
  • added support for compression and decompression of 7-ZIP archive files
  • added ability to view in QuickView window (when opened) currently highlighted item in files table (navigating changes content of QuickView window)
  • added option in preferences to show or not highlight on inactive panel
  • added option in preferences to manage favourite/bookmark folders commonly for both panels
  • added option in preferences to manage history list of visited dirs commonly for both panels
  • modification of sorting method for extension column to case-insensitive
  • added showing of confirmation dialog for 'Move To Trash' operation
  • fixed showing drives on drives panel and sidebar (auto-mounted volumes were not displayed)
  • fixed extension handling for folders (folders have not extension)
  • fixed problem with shortcut redefininition for operations on action bar
  • added sorting of Network Connections on sidebar
  • added CPU usage indicator on toolbar
  • added data lazy loading on files table (speed up files data loading)
  • fixed problem with CAPS Lock key affecting navigation keys
  • fixed problem with refreshing panel after Duplicate operation
  • added displaying all devices and mounted network drives in the DEVICES group on sidebar
  • added SHARED group on sidebar
  • added ability to select files to compare in comparison dialog
  • added information that two compared files have the same content in comparison dialog
  • added ability to perform Drag&Drop operation on remote files
  • added ability to drop file to the folder when Drag&Drop operation is performed
  • double-click on the divider set the width of the left and the right panel the same
  • changed default dragging operation to Copy (Move is realized with holding down ALT key)
  • added handling of CMD+W, CMD+Q, ESC on files comparison window (closing window)
  • when user clicks row in files table to rename file, only name (without extension) is selected in displayed editor
  • added file extension hiding at the end of filename when extension column is displayed
  • added compress and decompress items to main menu under FILE with shortcuts (ALT+F5 and ALT+F6)
  • added ability to choose type of table rows highlighting (Regular or With Shadow)
  • added ability to enter a short name for remote connections (ability to set a name for connections)
  • added ability to modify configuration for remote connections ('Modify connection ...' context menu item added)
  • added history list of already visited dirs (History button)
  • added favourite/bookmark folders handling (Directory Hotlist button)
  • added locking tabs feature
  • added ability to set external viewer and external editor separately
  • added support for unmounting of removable USB drives on sidebar
  • changed toolbar icons for swap and equalize operations
  • fixed UTF-8 problem on file comparison window
  • fixed problem with opening a new tab with empty content when copying a large file in the background mode
  • fixed problem with starting CRAX in network environment where some of network connection is not available
  • fixed storing state of "Treat packages as folders" checkbox
  • fixed file selection handling - speed up files operations dependent on selection of many files
  • fixed problem with lack of update search pattern field on Search Dialog when leaving this field without pressing ENTER or TAB
  • fixed problem with lack of setting cursor to the „Search For” field after showing Search Dialog in admin mode
  • Fixed: creating a new file by pressing Shift-F4 starts an editor with default font, ignoring the font settings in preferences
  • fixed connection timeout handling for FTP client
  • sandboxing data saving/restoring changed
  • added option in Preferences to use external editor instead of built-in one to edit/view content of files
  • added shortcut (CMD+Enter) to go inside ZIP or RAR archive
  • added saving state of 'Find in files' checkbox when closing search window
  • fixed problem with crash for SFTP operations
  • fixed problem with operation progress indicator for background operations
  • fixed problem with renaming files case-sensitively
  • fixed problem with dates columns maximum width
  • added definition of service which enables revealing file in Crax
  • added ability to handle services provided by other applications
  • added RAR archive support (read-only)
  • fixed issues reported by customers
  • added ability to quicklook preview for remote files
  • added shortcuts and main menu options for changing column and order for sorting in active panel
  • added ability to define custom tools using directly application bundles
  • added ability to define icon image for custom tools
  • added toolbar items for custom tools definitions
  • changed indentation for items on the sidedar (non-grouping items moved more to the left)
  • added auto-resizing name column when changing window size or showing / hiding sidebar
  • added sorting by file name as the secondary order in files panels
  • added ability to splitting and combining files
  • added checksums verification MD5,SHA1,SHA256,SHA512 - support for checksum verification for files generated by TotalCommander
  • added calculating MD5,SHA1,SHA256,SHA512 checksum with export results to text file
  • added display date format configuration in application's preferences
  • added configuration for display form of permissions (short or long) in application's preferences
  • changed presentation of file size attribute in files table ('B' of bytes leaved out)
  • added handling of CMD+W for editor/viewer windows (closing editor/viewer window)
  • added ability to open selected folder in new tab ('Open Selected Folder in New Tab')
  • performance improvement of copy multiple files operation for FTP and SSH
  • performance improvement of deleting files operation
  • FTP library upgraded to fix some issues (passive FTP mode operations performance improvement)
  • fixed problem: the right SHIFT key let the function keys 'hang' in shift mode
  • fixed problem: selection is removed after refreshing files panel
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.4.10
  • added support for CMD+LEFT/RIGHT for open highlighted folder in target panel (LEFT / RIGHT)
  • added support for SHIFT+UP/DOWN for changing selection on files panel
  • added JavaScript syntax coloring in built-in editor / viewer
  • added option 'Search in archives' on search dialog
  • added ability to search in remote folder (SFTP, FTP) and in ZIP archive
  • added overwrite option when renaming file and file with the same name already exists
  • SFTP handling deadlock fixed
  • fixes for minor bugs
  • added ability to use regular expressions in definition of pattern for selection group and searching
  • added support for '?' wildcard in definition of pattern for selection group and searching
  • added feature that enables showing files in the current dir and all subdirs (flat file structure)
  • added navigation buttons to main toolbar (prev/next path selecting actions)
  • fixed problem with saving shortcuts definition
  • fixed problem with showing/hiding panels
  • fixed issues related to the SSH connection handling
  • added whole text selection in editor while renaming file in files panel
  • added support for copying and moving files/folders in background (non blocking GUI file operations)
  • added ability to use CMD+W and CMD+Q combinations for definition of shortcuts
  • added ability to reordering groups and FAVS items on SIDEBAR using Drag&Drop
  • added ability to define custom groups on SIDEBAR
  • added support for copy files/folders to folders on SIDEBAR using Drag&Drop method
  • added support for Drag&Drop files and folders to FAVORITES on SIDEBAR
  • added ability to configure confirmations for delete, copy and move operations
  • removed last LF in the result string of action 'Copy Path to Clipboard...'
  • fixed crash problem on encoding selection action at preferences (Preferences / Editor / If File’s encoding cannot be guess use)
  • fixed problem with setting description for SVN commit
  • fixes for minor bugs
  • added keyboard shortcut configuration panel (shortcuts customization)
  • added shortcut for switching between drives ALT+F1 for left panel and ALT+F2 for right panel
  • added button which make possible to unmount media from SIDEBAR
  • added 'Copy Path to Clipboard' option to the file's context menu
  • some file management actions added to the file's context menu
  • files list loading performance improvement
  • fixed 'Duplicate' action for remote files (FTP,SFTP)
  • added multi-rename tool
  • added auto line identation in Editor
  • fixed files coloring when extensions presentation is switched off
  • fixed file extension showing in 'Extension' column when extensions presentation is switched off
  • fixed file renaming when extensions presentation is switched off
  • fixed file name used for copy/move operations when extensions presentation is switched off
  • fixed handling triple-quoted strings for PYTHON syntax coloring
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.2.20
  • added option to re-run application in admin mode [THIS IS ONLY IN FastSpring VERSION]
  • some icons in main toolbar are adapted to retina
  • added 'Show Finder info ...' file context menu item that enable showing Finder info about highlighted file
  • added possibility to define more than one expression for one color definition using comma separator
  • added possibility to toggle dual pane from vertical to horizontal splitting view
  • added possibility to configure custom tools showed as items main menu (with shortcut definition)
  • fixed setting of color for font when file name is editing (font color is black now)
  • added shortcut CTRL+. for showing / hiding hidden and system files
  • added handling of function keys PG-UP, PG-DWN, END, HOME for file panels
  • made Backspace key work as “cd ..” to go one directory level up
  • added preferences setting for switching tabs wide between variable and constant size value
  • added setting in preferences to control icon size on sidebar
  • added option for showing / hiding Path Bar
  • added 'Reveal in Finder' option in main menu
  • removed shadow for text presented in cells in files table (it doesn't look nice on the dark background)
  • fixed problem with refresh files view after FTP delete operation
  • fixed problem with dragging function on the files panel
  • fixed problem with black font color for selection in inactive panel for dark color schema
  • added handling copy/paste operations for files panels
  • bakwards search option added to the search dialog used on editor/viewer window
  • fixed problem with setting proper font while adding new tab
  • added feature for switching from dual to single window mode
  • added sidebar with favorites, drives, network
  • added new main toolbar buttons (copy, move, delete, edit, view, mkdir, mkfile, rename)
  • added option for showing / hiding action bar
  • added option for showing / hiding status panel
  • added option for showing / hiding sidebar
  • added option for showing / hiding drive buttons bar
  • added main menu option for showing / hiding tab-bar for selected panel
  • application memory management improved
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.1.96
  • added new shortcuts in editor window
    • CMD + F and ALT + F for new search
    • CMD + G and F3 for next search
  • added application updates checking (autoupdate function)
  • added function to compare two files by content
  • added handling of CMD + Q for editor windows (closing editor/viewer window)
  • added preferences panel
    • Files table font family and size setting
    • Showing / hiding vertical & horizontal grid
    • Switching bolding folder names
    • Setting for sorting file names case-sensitively or not
    • Setting for grouping folders & packages or not
    • Switching icon preview in files panel
    • Configuration for font family and font size for editor window
    • Configuration of colors for files table (font color, selection color, background color, alternative background color)
    • Configuration of colors for files in table on the basis of provided pattern
  • fixed problem with line numbering in editor window
  • fixes for minor bugs
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.1.76
  • added file info presentation
  • added support for tabs Drag&Drop operations (tab reordering, moving tabs between left/right panel)
  • added option for making duplicate of selected file / folder
  • added configuration of port number for SMB and AFP
  • added FILE item to main menu
  • added main menu option with shortcut for calculating size for selected items
  • added resolving and creation of MacOS Aliases
  • showing icons for remote files on the basis of file type
  • showing quicklook icon for image files
  • fixes for minor bugs
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.1.56
  • added support for symlinks handling
  • added opportunity to view and edit content of remote files and entries in ZIP
  • item 'Other ...' added to the 'Open with ...' file / folder context menu
  • added finder labels support (visualising colors and opportunity to set label)
  • added support for better copy process for symlinks (relink on copy and move)
  • added local & remote file / folder permissions browsing and changing window
  • added Next/Previous Tab menu options and keyboard shortcuts
  • added support for properly handling overwriting option for operation on ZIP entries
  • fixed problem with copying ZIP entries without permissions set
  • fixed problem with file name changing for FTP entries
  • fixed an issue with crach on SVN notifications handling
  • fixed an issue with OSX 10.7.5 (weak id problem)
  • fixes for minor bugs
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.1.46
  • pack and unpack files and folders with ZIP - menu option
  • Handling symlinks in ZIP files fixed
  • Fix for handling symlinks on file operations
  • Correct handling of modification date and permissions on compressing and decompressing
  • Bux fixes
WHAT'S NEW IN 1.1.38
  • Handling of symlinks in ZIP archives
  • Correct handling of symlinks while copying and movig files / folders
  • Create symlinks support
  • Bux fixes